Trude Cone

Moving Thought- the hidden choreography underscoring our lives

Most of the movement we do is automatic, using our body intelligence to allow us to concentrate and pay attention to what we are doing.  
This body intelligence is laid in place by our early baby movements with which we first explored the world and learned to move in it.
Understanding this body intelligence and incorporating it into the material in our dance classes will not only help integrate dance movements for students that are challenged doing the movements but also in the long run help prevent injury.

Trude Cone is coach and teacher working with early movement patterns and creative potential. She is a Body-Mind Centering practitioner, Neuro-Physiological Psychological therapist and Rhythmical Movement Consultant. She has worked for more than 35 years as dancer, choreographer, teacher and dance educator at the Amsterdam Arts University. Her movement research is focused on the physical component in communication, interaction and participation. Insights into the hidden choreography in life have contributed to the development of a coaching program and movement class called Moving Thought.

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