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Cheshire Dance presents the Inquiring Bodies series, where Dance Artists share their own unique inquiries into movement, the body and creative practice. The Inquiring Bodies day is set up to give participants maximum choice to follow different Artists inquiries and to discuss, debate, deepen and delve. Scroll down to see the basic structure of the day and to see details of guest artists that we have engaged.

Inquiring Bodies 4

3rd November 2016.
Guest Artists included:
Dan Lowenstein, Christopher Owen, Kate Jackson, Rachel Freeman, Trude Cone, Yael Flexer and Katye Coe More Information...

Inquiring Bodies 3

15th November 2016.
Guest Artists included:
Adam Benjamin, Amy Voris, Mary Prestidge, Jacqueline McCormick, Rick Nodine, Seke Chimutengwende. More Information...

Inquiring Bodies 2

12th November 2014.
Guest Artists included:
Adesola Akinleye, Andrea Buckley, Leanne Cardill, Charlie Morrisey, Rachel Rimmer and Simon Whitehead. More information...

Inquiring Bodies 1

13th November 2013
Guest Artists included:
Jacqueline McCormick, Bettina Carpi/Sarah Spies, Aya Kobayashi, Clare Reynolds, Katie Duck/Vincent Cacalano, Anna McDonald. More Information...



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