Our Mission


Cheshire Dance leads the artistic provision and support of dance across Cheshire.   We champion diversity as a source of creativity and the critical role of dance artists in public engagement.

We engage and celebrate with participants, audiences, artists and other organisations to enable everyone’s dancing voice to be nurtured and heard.  Through creative, person-centred practice and as part of a sector rich in expertise we deliver, develop and promote dance in all its forms.  We prioritise the needs and ambitions of:-

    * Dance artists and community professionals (teachers, care, youth and health staff)

    * Young people in community and school settings, in areas of low arts engagement and for young talent development.

    * People with disabilities in day care and community settings

    * Older people in health, community, care and home settings

    * Dance originating from Black and Minority Ethnic cultures


Cheshire Dance is a registered charity, established in 1976 and are proud to be a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England and a lead dance provider across Cheshire West and Chester and Cheshire East Boroughs

We partner with many organisations across public, arts and voluntary sectors to:-

* Facilitate more than 30 regular dance groups, initiate bespoke projects and support Continuing Professional Development, artist and talent development

* Co-design place-making celebration events at both small and large scale with communities, whether in theatre spaces or in vastly unusual settings like hospitals, parks, prisons, forests, high streets, museums, beaches, historic buildings and grounds.

* Showcase the work of dance artists, companies and local dance groups and develop audiences for dance and the arts.

* Realise a strong and flourishing dance and arts sector, where those engaged in the transformative power of dance are living and working in communities that are thriving.



Our Values


Cheshire Dance understands excellence through the use of a set of creative values.  In sharing our 6 values we emphasise learning, exploring and debating in the knowledge that they are open to interpretation, requiring dialogue as part of deepening understanding of creativity.


Awareness: Of self and others, physical and emotional as well as the space, environment and context.

Flexibility: Adapting to others needs and aspirations, the environment and changing circumstances.

Authenticity: True to our own unique way of moving, encouraging people to be themselves.

Diversity: Celebrating difference as a source of creativity.

Enquiry: Forever curious, exploring boundaries open to new ideas and challenges.

Ownership: Developing belonging and personal/group progression.


Through our values we support individuals and communities to develop their authenticity and a genuine sense of creative enquiry in their own unique way of moving and dancing.  To develop ownership we seek to heighten awareness and value the detail and diversity of peoples’ own and others moving with natural progression to the creative process of dance making and performance. 

Improvisation, somatic-based dance practices, connection and touch are key to our approach, irrespective of the dance style employed, which champions person and community centred, inclusive practice with the inherent flexibility to meet individual needs and desires.



In 2017 Cheshire Dance became the co-ordinating organisation for Dance Consortia North West, working extensively with partners across the region to create new opportunities for dance artists, audiences, participants and professionals..






Design By Balance