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Cheshire Dance has a strong history of site-based performance work & intergenerational dance training and facilitation.

Throughout our work we are curious about adapting to the unique qualities of site, where professional dancers are collaborating and performing with local participants.  Additionally we open up a choice for audiences in how they relate to each piece, often with opportunities to participate, watch and perform, some of whom will experience all 3.  We aim to offer a unique experience for our audiences, our participants and our partners.hest

Chester Zoo - Wild Worlds

Cheshire Dance Lauren Tucker and collaborators Gary Lloyd (music), Frances Heap (costumes), Dan Lowenstein (Film), Josh Hawkins & Nicolette Whitely (dancers) are creating a piece of dance inspired by the animal senses and behaviour of Flamingos.

For more information about the project and dates and times of the performances then go here

Roots of Rumba - Ella Mesma

Ella Mesma is brining Roots of Rumba workshops to the Northwich Urban festival and a performance to the Lion Salt works in Northwich on the 7th July.

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University of Chester - Performance Practice Module 'Vivo Tour'

16 second year dance students working with their lecturer Angharad Harrop, created a multisensory, immersive, interactive dance performance which toured to three Vivo Care Choices centres in the final week of May.

Jane McLean Creative Director for Cheshire Dance contributed to the creative process, through choreographic workshops and development of the performance and facilitation skills of the students to ensure they were able to interact with and engage people of all abilities

The students performed the piece twice at each of the 3 venues to maximise the possibility for people to watch and it proved to be incredibly popular with audiences of 25-30 for each show including service users and care staff in each venu. There were specific requests from the audience to be able to watch more than once!

Feedback from audiences and centre managers was overwhelmingly positive with them particularly commenting on the impact of the performance on those with more complex needs.

Jane and Angharad are now in conversation about developing this project idea in order to maximise the benefit of this pilot student project and enable much wider audiences of those with additional needs to engage with dance performance.

NOW Dance Festival - May

A collaboration with University of Chester, NOW Dance Festival was a full day celebration of Dance in Cheshire and the Creative Case for Diversity bringing together dancers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, both community and professional, to share their passion for the art form. Go here to read more about the annual dance festival

RE:WIND lastet Performance information

RE:WIND Road to Rio -Lauren Tucker Dance Facilitator Blog

I have just returned home from an exhausting but truly rewarding REWIND rehearsal, held at Blacon High School in Chester. Cheshire Dance and Theatre in the Quarter have come together through a fantastic working partnership  to realise the creative potential of the young people in Blacon. This is a youth theatre performance group that meet on a Thursday afternoon for two hours after school. We also have the occasional Saturday rehearsal, where the young people give up some of their weekend to rehearse for the performances. ‘Road to Rio’ a brilliant new show that highlights the company member’s development of skills, attributes, work ethic and fantastic ideas that they bring in devising. The story and ideas come from them and Cheshire Dance and Theatre in the Quarter work with the young people to create a brand new show!
A REWIND Saturday rehearsal is lots of fun but requires a lot of hard work, discipline and commitment from everyone involved. The Saturday rehearsals are usually where the performance starts to take shape, and a show starts to come together. Today was that day! Yes we still have quite a lot of work to do, but today they started to see the results of their hard work and bright ideas.
The show is about the dreams and aspirations of Mario, a young boy that wishes that his dance troupe could perform at the Olympic opening ceremony in Rio 2016. I won’t give any more away- but the show has a message!
Let me tell you about these wonderful young people from Blacon; they are amazing! The amount of ENERGY, PASSION and PERSONALITY they bring to the group is astounding. You can hear them sing from anywhere in Blacon and their dance moves and acting will also blow you away! The dance content in the show explores Brazilian cultural dance styles including Samba, Capoeira, Break Dancing, Urban and Contemporary. They have also created lots of the movement content themselves. The boys have really taken to learning more break dancing vocabulary and I can see all of the participants in the group make improvements from week to week. I’m really proud of how much they have developed this year, and I can’t wait to see what they will be able to do in the future.
We haven’t had a lot of time to develop the show since last term’s performances at Blacon high School and St Mary’s Creative space in Chester but it has been wonderful to have the time to work with the Creative Team at Theatre in the Quarter (Matt Baker and Michael Biegel) to deliver high quality arts provision in Blacon. I love working with REWIND because I can see the difference that is making to help the members of REWIND to ‘BE THE BEST THAT THEY CAN BE’. Credit must also be given to Julie Elston who does an amazing job of looking after the REWIND family! It’s so much more than a youth dance and theatre company…
I look forward to seeing you at the ‘Road to Rio’ soon!

‘Road to Rio’ will be performed at Blacon Community Arts Festival Friday 24th June,
Blacon Festival Saturday 2nd July, and all 5 primary schools in Blacon 4th and 5th July! What an amazing way to celebrate all of the hard work the participants have put in over this school year…

RE:WIND Road to Rio

Building on the success and legacy of Parade to Paradise, that was performed at Blacon Festival in 2015, Cheshire Dance and Theatre in the Quarter are working in partnership for a spring project in the hope to build a larger scale summer project to celebrate the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Lauren Tucker- Cheshire Dance and Matt Baker- Theatre in the Quarter have come together to support a group of 35 young people aged 7 -13 from across six Blacon schools.

Together they are creating a brand new piece that incorporates theatre and dance to tell an exciting story of the groups own invention. The group have already had some great sessions where they have begun to learn new songs. This year they have been working towards creating an all male dance section within the story. The group are exploring all the different aspects of storytelling and their work is beginning to take shape, and they are bringing their story to life. 

This year the group have been really ambitious in their creation. We have two more rehearsals before they share their hard work through performance. There is still lots to explore and put in place. It is an exciting time in the project when the young people of Blacon recognise their achievements, and progress.
At the end of this project the group hope to continue on as REWIND theatre group and to become an invaluable part of the Blacon community.

Matt Baker, artisitc director of Theatre in the Quarter, said “The company was formed only last year, and this is already their third production. I have been blown away by the sheer passion of these young people from Blacon and I hope people across the city will come and see what they have created.”

Lauren Tucker from Cheshire Dance added “These young people are so full of energy and whilst some of them may have ever danced before I think audiences will be delighted with how far they have come in a short time.”

The Olympic Torch, devised by the company themselves will be performed next Monday 21 March, 7pm at St Mary’s Creative Space in the city centre and on Tuesday 22 March, 6pm at Blacon High School.

Entry is free with donations gratefully received which will go back into the group.

Dance:Ground 2015

A site based promenade performance piece at The Lion Salt Works in Northwich using the historical qualities of this newly renovated site, bringing it to life through movement and theatre. More info

Performances Saturday 18th July 2015, 11.30, 12.30 and 1.30pm


Parade to Paradise 2015

Jane Mclean-Cheshire Dance and Matt Baker- Theatre in the Quarter have come together to support a group of 40 young people aged 7 -12 from across six Blacon schools.

Together they are creating a brand new piece that incorporates theatre and dance to tell an exciting story of the groups own invention. The group have already had some great sessions where they have begun to learn new songs. The group are exploring all the different aspects of storytelling and their story is just starting to take shape, there is even a battle, capoeira style..  

With eight more session to go they still have a lot to learn and explore.
At the end of this project the group hope to continue on as a new theatre group and to become a invaluable part of the Blacon community.

The final piece will be performed in the Blacon Festival, so if you want to find out more about this fantastic collaboration, don’t miss out on Saturday 4th July!


The Dancing Games 2014

‘A daytime, hour-long outdoor performance for family audiences.  A highly interactive dance performance based on the science fiction adventure film series and novels The Hunger Games. The story takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future, where tributes must take part in The Dancing Games.  Like the original story the Tributes realise that rather than fight they must use their senses to connect each other and navigate their environment in order to survive. This performance is unrelenting in its raw energy and shares the story through the dancer’s physical relationship to site and each other in this sensory journey through the environment.‘

A Wild Rumpus commission that premiered at the Just So Festival, August 2014, 10 professional dancers, 20 youth group performers, 5 shows and The Dancing Games Experience involved 300+ drop-in participants/performers.,

“Best performance of the weekend, such a great experience for our whole family.” Participant


Collect:Live 2013

‘The culmination of COLLECT: Memorial Capture Project creating a lasting legacy of the Memorial Hall in Northwich before being rebuilt. Cheshire Dance's artists and participants used memories and the Northwich landscape to create a site-based dance, COLLECT:Live, a Promenade Community Dance Event where groups performed along the promenade route accompanied by live music, street cleansers, visual and light artists.’

A regeneration commission celebrating re-building of a Northwich landmark, one-off promenade performance with 100 dancers.,

"A fitting tribute to everything the Memorial Hall stood for." Audience Member


The Moment When… 2012

‘Inspired by the moment an athlete decides to become an Olympian.  Thousands launched a programme of world class performance and participation which culminated in a series of fiery dance events.  Three evocative public spaces where the powerful physical characteristics of the architecture, environment and human body were amplified and forever re-imagined through live performance, aerial manifestation, ground based mass movement constellations, fire and multimedia installation.’

A collaboration with Walk the Plank, 900 performers across 3 sites in Cheshire, including welcoming the Olympic Torch to the North at Chester Racecourse.,, reel

“I was absolutely bowled over by the energy, enthusiasm and skill of the dancers, and the fabulous production and presentation that went into the show. An excellent piece of work which will stay in my memory for ever!” Audience Member

"We have had a fantastic response here, people loved the show. Great pic on the front page of the newspaper capturing the climax to the evening. Please pass on my thanks to all involved - tell them they are all now an indelible part of Chester’s history." Commissioner


Embrace the Games 2011and Flashmob 2010

‘Dancers brought the courtyard to life as delegates arrived, Pina Bauschesque lines, an aerial hoop duet and professional artists and youth company running, rolling, and diving in the gardens, creating a unique dance installation specifically for the conference.’ 

A Marketing Cheshire commission for a conference invasion and the year before, a community engagement programme that got 13,205 people dancing at the same time on the same day across 117 different locations.,

‘I can’t believe the energy you injected into proceedings.  It really pepped us up.’ Delegate


Stir 2009

‘Inspired by the history of Watergate Street, spanning from its days as a major port on the River Dee where ships berthed and merchants traded, STIR is a promenade dance performance with a live sound score reflecting the changing and unpredictable patterns of the river.’

30 performers, including an integrated participatory group, 4 performances on the busy Watergate St and Rows in Chester, commissioned by Chester Performs.,,

“I'm massively grateful to have been able to go through such a different project in such a safe and supported way and it is not an exaggeration to say that I am a completely different person to when I first came along to the project.” Emerging Artist


Station Stationary 2008

Dancers appear and disappear from within the ongoing hustle and bustle of station life, soundscapes of brass bands and male voice choirs will fill the air to reveal the physical and emotive stories of the site and its people.’

A collaboration with Body Cartography, 100 performers, 10 performances across platforms at Crewe Railway Station, hosted and sponsored by Virgin Trains, that hit the BBC Northwest Tonight news and was highlighted by the North West Creative Programmer at the beginning of the Cultural Olympiad as an exemplary project in the region.,,

“Congratulations to everyone for a truly amazing show last night. You must be so proud, it was perfect! I loved the young kids and older groups dancing together, everyone was oohing and arrghing. There were so many elements that were outstanding.” Audience Member




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