Cheshire Dance Values of Creative Practice

We build practice and engagement through our values:

The physical and emotional awareness of ourselves and others and our surroundings, continuing to build the ability to absorb information through all of the senses.

Developing one’s own unique practice, balancing the acquisition of technique with the development of creativity to create new ways of moving.

Thinking, reflecting and creating meaning and identifying patterns to give focus and rigor. A commitment to exploration to encourage generative ideas, giving feedback, encouraging reflection and self-awareness, researching the work of others in the continuing search for one’s own unique style.

Using knowledge gained to learn, understand, respond and approach new action from a considered perspective. Encouraging movement through play, exploration, and improvisation; differentiating material to be inclusive and success-orientated for the benefit of all involved. Use of all the senses to encourage learning and understanding through movement.

A people-centred approach that respects differences. A unique experience for each individual involved, meeting their own interests and challenges but with ambition and a willingness to develop, grow and engage with others appropriately.

Using the principles of participatory leadership, owning the creative process, supporting artists and participants to develop their knowledge and skills and to create the time and space to make their own choices, investigate their own physical vocabulary and self awareness, encouraging the ownership and control of their creative ideas in their delivery and encouraging all to achieve beyond their expectations.


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Design By Balance