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Dance for People With Learning Disabilities

Whilst Cheshire Dance is no longer delivering classes in studios, halls, schools and other venues, we are determined to keep our participants that are living with learning disabilities moving.

Whilst some sessions have moved online to be delivered in a live, interactive virtual enviroment, Cheshire Dance understands that some participants prefer to dance at their leisure rather than at an agreed time. For this reason, we have created a selection of pre-recorded activities that have been designed specifically for those with learning disabilities and their carers to follow in their homes or care settings. These videos can be found here.


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Pre-Recorded Activities For Those With Learning Disabilities

These videos have been created by the Cheshire Dance artists who work regularly with groups of adults with learning disabilities across Cheshire.
Before you start please make sure you have read and agreed to the Health and Safety guidance for dancing at home. Please note, Cheshire Dance insurance does not cover you for accidents in your own home.


How it works:

Our artists are missing you and you might be missing them, so we’ve labelled each of the videos with the name of the artist so that you can choose to do activities led by your regular teacher if you wish. Of course, you’re free to explore all of the videos and meet some new artists, or re-find some of those who might have taught your classes in the past.
In the text below each video you’ll find a description of the activity and notes on who it will be suitable for. Some activities are particularly aimed at those who need to be seated and some activities would work particularly well for those with PMLD.

We’ve grouped the videos into ‘Warm Ups’, ‘Creative Tasks’ and ‘Cool Downs’. You might just have 10 minutes and fancy doing one activity to get you moving, or you might have time to do several activities and get those creative juices flowing. We wanted to create something that would be flexible enough to fit into your day and your mood!

We suggest always starting with a warm up activity or two. (So, if you are only going to do one activity then we suggest you do one of the Warm Ups.) Warm ups prepare your body and mind for dancing and are important in preventing injuries.

Once you’re feeling warmed up and ready to go then pick a creative task to get stuck in to – some are about learning dances and others are about exploring ways of moving. You might want to repeat the creative task a few times and/or do more than one creative task.

Before you finish we suggest doing a cool down – this will help your breathing to settle and give you a chance to stretch out the muscles and calm everything down before you carry on with your day. Cool downs also help to prevent you feeling to stiff or sore the following day!

We’re not able to fully recreate the live, group class experience online, but we hope these videos inspire you to stay curious, to keep active and keep dancing at home!

We’d love to see videos of you dancing at home – why not share them with us by email or through our Facebook page.


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Warm Up Activities For Those With Learning Disabilities


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Creative Tasks For Those With Learning Disabilities


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Cool Down Sessions For Those With Learning Disabilities


More Disability Dance videos can be found here.


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A Note to Families and Carers: We know that families and carers play a key role in the dancing experience – if you would like any additional support or have any questions about how to best support an activity with someone who you are caring for then please get in touch at:

Would you be interested in taking part in a live dance class on Zoom especially for those with learning disabilities? Register your interest at this email address.

Please remember that Cheshire Dance insurance does not cover you for accidents in your own home. As such, please read, and adhere to The Cheshire Dance Health & Safety Terms and Conditions of these pre-recorded activities.



Staying Safe Whilst Dancing at Home

Dancing in your own home means that YOU are responsible for your own Health and Safety and you are NOT covered by Cheshire Dance insurance. With this in mind, please read - and adhere to our guidance before following the pre-recorded activities.


Cheshire Dance insurance does not cover you for accidents in your own home and staying safe is YOUR responsibility. Read the Cheshire Dance Online Classes Terms and Conditions here.




Online Live & Interactive Classes for People With Disabilities


EveryBody Dance Online

Cheshire Dance invites those living with disabilities – including those with PMLD and those with complex need – and their families/carers to keep healthy, keep active, keep social and keep dancing with its virtual community.

This session takes place via Zoom, allowing participants to dance and interact with others in real time, together!

Join our socially distanced online class and take part from the comfort of your own home every Wednesday at 11.15am.

Cost per session only £4.50. Book your space now.

(Starts 3rd June until further notice).



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Text CHES001 to 70970 to donate £5 to support the freelance dance artists that are helping us to make this possible. Or, click here to "Donate As You Feel" to Cheshire Dance.




"We don't have to be in the same room to dance. We can dance anywhere and online classes let us enjoy dancing together - no matter where we are!"


NB: Due to the Coronavirus, Cheshire Dance has closed its office doors until further notice. To get in touch with the Virtual Cheshire Dance team, please email:




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